Introducing the "A" Game Academy
Tap into your unique success blueprint & generate the success in your life and career you deserve

An exclusive mentorship program designed to lead YOU to be brilliant, communicate confidently, create strong relationships in love and work while staying healthy and balanced. 

The 12 month Academy recalibrates your inner game skillsets generates your dream life without burning out. By understanding and harnessing your own energy, you put yourself in the drivers seat. You learn how to invest your time, money and energy in the most beneficial way for you.

You learn tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life. This is a game changer; Guaranteed!


You want to take your life to the next level: Professionally and Personally

  • You want to learn how you are designed to motivate others to enhance relationships 
  • Generate sustainable energy levels & passion for work
  • Make those tough decisions with ​clarity and confidence
  • You want to tap into your unique blueprint to generate the success in your life you deserve
  • You ​​​burnt out in the past & don't want that to happen again
  • You want to activate your full  potential 
  • You want to stop doubting yourself

What You Can expect to receive?

  1. Monthly Group Training Curriculum
    Monthly Group Training Curriculum
    Each Month you receive training materials revealing the steps you can take to get clear on your most efficient way to work, interact & optimize your work-life balance
  2. 12 Live Q & A Calls
    12 Live Q & A Calls
    Get all your questions answered. The Q & A call is designed to help you customize the information to your specific needs.
  3. Group Coaching Calls
    Group Coaching Calls
    Practice and fine tune those inner game skillsets to activate your brilliance
  4. Private Facebook Group
    Private Facebook Group
    Share your own ahas and insights here while getting further support from Annita
  5. Content Themes
    Content Themes
    Discover Your success blueprint | Identify your decision style | Harness the power of your mind | Your #1 stop point | Relationship olympics | Tap into your superpowers
  6. Expert Calls & Bonuses
    Expert Calls & Bonuses
    From time to time a I find a resource that I will support your process and enhance your results.
"A" Game Academy 
Silver & Platinum Levels
There are two levels of entry into this program, based on the level of support you wish to receive. The Platinum level includes one-to-one mentoring as well as the group support.
This is reflected in your investment. 
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What My Clients Are Saying....

Geraldine Ryan: Intuitive Therapist
This course has been phenomenal for me. Learning about my design has brought an ease to my life, accepting me for me, letting myself off the hook as I learn how to operate from my true self.
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Eliska Nuslaeur: Integrative Therapist
I have to admit that I joined Annita's training with a little doubt around this 'Human Design' thing. Learning about my  Design did not give me an excuse to stay stuck - on the contrary - it gave me an option to grow!